Car Intentionally Crashed Into Second Story Of House

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Why would someone do this?

Shocking photos out of central Pennsylvania show a Toyota Corolla lodged into the second story of a house in what authorities are describing as an “intentional act.” Seeing the dormer window and a good portion of the corner of the house’s structure demolished by an economy car is shocking, once again demonstrating the destructive force of even small vehicles driven at high speeds.

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What we know is the Toyota went airborne after it drove into a ditch by the house, then hit the culvert for the driveway, sending the car flying. One local news anchor exclaimed that authorities must be mistaken because surely nobody would do such a thing on purpose. Sadly, we’ve seen stranger intentional acts done with cars, so we think the accusation that it was done on purpose is plausible.

For now, authorities aren’t saying who was driving the car or why they believe the crash was an “intentional act.” However, reports indicate the driver was taken to the hospital. That person is lucky to be alive. Thankfully, nobody inside the house was injured.

You can see the room where the Corolla was lodged looks like a time capsule of sorts with plaid wallpaper, frilly drapes, and blue carpeting. A treadmill looks to have been pushed back by the crash and there’s an overturned bed on the far side of the room. Perhaps the driver targeted that specific room for a reason?

About the only reasons we can think of anyone intentionally driving their compact car into a house would be some extreme personal conflict like a lovers’ quarrel, divorce, ongoing neighbor feud, or inheritance battle between siblings. It’s the kind of thing someone who’s overly emotional and definitely not thinking straight would do because a Corolla isn’t exactly the toughest ride on the road.

Crews were able to stabilize the home and cover the opening before a storm hit. Hopefully the homeowner’s insurance policy covers the damage.

Images via Junction Fire Company

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