Dozens Of Cars Found In Florida Lake

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Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like this.

As news of police finding dozens of sunken cars at the bottom of a lake in Doral, Florida spreads, the public’s reaction seems to be a mixture of shock and amusement. We’ve seen these underwater dumping grounds before in different states, although this is one of the largest we can remember. As detectives begin investigating the vehicles, theories are running wild about how they all ended up underwater.

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Originally a group of volunteer divers, called United Search Corps, found the stash of cars as they searched the depths of the lake. The nonprofit organization has helped uncover leads on missing people, which includes searching lakes and other bodies of water.

So far, no bodies have been found in the cars that have been recovered from the lake, but that effort should be ongoing for some time.

According to CBS News, investigators say there could be upwards of 30 cars in the murky water. It’s usually pretty difficult for divers to even see the vehicles in lakes and rivers thanks to floating debris, so that number could increase as crews continue pulling those cars out.

Investigators believe many of the vehicles have been submerged in the lake for over two decades, long before the area was developed. We’ve seen that happen time and again as criminals dump cars in a place that was remote back in the 70s, 80s, or 90s only for the city to creep out that way, leading to the automotive graveyard later.

Possible explanations for why the cars were dumped in the lake run the range. Insurance scams are a common reason for this strange activity. Sometimes criminals will steal cars to commit other crimes or to just go joyriding, dumping them in lakes or rivers after to hide evidence. Then there’s the possibility of foul play. Undoubtedly, detectives will be looking at each VIN and gathering as much information as possible, possibly opening up cold cases in the process.

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