Missing Texas Woman Pulled From Submerged Jeep

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This is one crazy story.

A woman was recently pulled alive out of a Jeep that was found submerged in a Texas lake. According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, the incident in question happened on the morning of April 7 after a fisherman noticed a black Jeep Wrangler submerged in the sound end of Lake o’ the Pines about 40 feet from a boat ramp.

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Deputies arrived on scene but it sounds like they didn’t hurry over there since nobody knew a live person in the submerged vehicle. That changed after a wrecker started pulling the Jeep out of the water and movement inside was observed.

The deputies, fisherman, and wrecker service worked together to get the unidentified woman out of the Jeep and into the fishing boat, bringing her to shore. EMS arrived on scene and took the woman to the hospital. We don’t know her current status.

Making an already crazy story even crazier is the fact deputies determined the woman rescued from the Jeep had been reported missing from Longview, Texas two days before. People have speculated that she might have been kidnapped and driven into the lake, that she might have just left and tried to commit suicide, and all kinds of other theories.

At the moment, law enforcement is staying mum on why the woman was in the Jeep, who she is, or how she went missing. Whatever the story is, it must be pretty interesting. Sooner or later the truth will come out.

Many are calling this situation a miracle. After all, had the fisherman not been in that spot at that time and had deputies as well as the wrecker arrived and started pulling the Jeep out when they did, the woman might not be alive today. Instead, they would’ve pulled a dead body out with the Wrangler.

Images via Marion County Sheriff’s Office

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