C8 Z06 Corvette Owner Furious About Repeated Failures

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This guy wants GM to do the right thing.

Even though the C8 Corvette has been hailed as a roaring success for GM, and it definitely has been, not everyone is happy. Some owners of C8 Stingrays and Z06s claim catastrophic engine or transmission failure of no fault of their own has put them in a bad spot. While the automaker has stepped up in some of these cases and even replaced the sports cars, one C8 Corvette Z06 owner was furious enough about a lack of response to his continuing problems that he posted online the letter he sent to Mary Barra, CEO of GM.

Watch a guy crash his rental C8 Corvette.

Posted to Corvette Forum August 9 is the letter user C8gofast claims he sent to Barra via certified service weeks before. In it he details out the troubles with not only his Stingray but also his C8 Z06. The guy claims to be a driving instructor at Barber’s Motorsports Park and Road Atlanta, plus he professionally raced Corvettes for over 20 years, so he’s not just some schmuck who doesn’t know how to treat cars properly. He also is a longtime Corvette owner, stating he’s had nine of them, and is a big fan of America’s sports car.

According to C8gofast, his 2021 C8 Stingray blew up at under 4,000 miles after the engine threw a rod which punctured the fuel tank, triggering an explosion that was caught in a photo we’ve included. The explosion looks like something out of a movie, not what you’d expect in a normal engine malfunction scenario.

Instead of suing the pants off GM for the Stingray explosion, the guy says he let his insurance cover the damage. However, the problems with his 2023 C8Z have been even more troublesome.

C8gofast said on August 9 that his Z06 had spent 10 to 12 weeks at the dealership thanks to repeated transmission failures. He concludes that the car is a lemon, which certainly sounds plausible. His proposal is giving the car back to GM in exchange for “the first available Z07.”

The guy claimed to have heard nothing from GM for weeks, so that’ why he went public while obviously masking his identity through the forum. But the next day he heard from the automaker which offered to add 40,000 miles to the powertrain warranty on the car. That seems like a bizarre response when someone claims to have a lemon.

For this part, C8gofast says if GM doesn’t want to solve the problem amicably he’ll get a lawyer involved. We hope it doesn’t come to that but understand his frustration. Here’s to hoping GM steps up and gets this guy a new Z07.

Images via Corvette Forum

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