Gas Station Run Spoils GM Factory Heist

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Thieves keep stealing cars straight from the source.

Stealing cars can be hard work, believe it or not, with the majority of the challenge being finding the exact cars you need to steal as they’re stashed in people’s garages, etc. Just watch Gone In 60 Seconds to understand the troubles poor car thieves go through. That must be why fairly often a group of thieves decide to hit automakers’ factories, getting the goods straight from the source.

Learn the humiliating fate of the old Holden Commodore factory in Australia here.

It happened again, with General Motors’ Lansing Grand River Assembly’s storage lot the target. Per a report from Lansing State Journal, thieves swiped two Camaros and two Cadillacs from a factory storage lot sometime before 3 am on August 10. This is hardly the first time cars have been stolen from the factory in Lansing, but it sounds like unlike with other heists the thieves were able to get a fair distance away before police were called.

Lansing police took one person in custody and said they recovered at least three of the stolen vehicles. We’re sure none are in factory-fresh condition anymore, so if you were waiting for a factory-ordered car and there’s a sudden delay, this could be why.

At least two of the stolen vehicles were located by Meridian Township officers at a gas station. We imagine GM doesn’t fill the tanks of cars that are sitting in a lot, probably putting in just enough to load and unload them for transport. Two suspects were taken into custody along with the vehicles.

Police are staying mum on how these thieves were even able to make off with the Camaros and Cadillacs. GM probably doesn’t want them to divulge much about its security at the storage lot and how these guys exploited it, which is wise. We’ve seen automakers deploy a variety of methods to keep thieves from driving off with new vehicles from storage lots, including pop-up barriers, as the car theft spree that’s been sweeping the nation threatens their bottom line.

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