Guy Crashes His Camaro Into A House

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He answered the front door when police arrived on scene.

We’ve seen quite a few vehicles crash into homes, unfortunately, but this Camaro that was sitting in the dining room of a house in Hanover, Massachusetts is the first case we’ve seen where the driver answered the front door when police arrived at the scene. The whole thing is almost like a scene from some comedy, only this accident wasn’t funny and was all too real.

Car crashes into second story window.

According to Boston 25 News, 22-year-old John Pauilcelli greeted police at the front door of the house after crashing his Camaro through the side. It’s not clear if the guy actually lived in the house or if he was just trying to play things cool. Either way, officers detected a “strong odor of alcohol” and started to put together what likely happened.

It would seem someone would have to be pretty drunk to not only crash their car into the side of a house, theirs or someone else’s, and then answer the front door nonchalantly when police show up. It’s not like by acting calm and collected you’re going to convince the cops nothing is going on when there’s a Camaro sitting in the dining room with the remnants of the chandelier on it.

The crash, which occurred at the wee hour of 3 am on July 6, fortunately didn’t injure anyone in the house. Pauilcelli was treated at a local hospital, but it’s unclear what injuries, if any, he suffered.

The Patriot Ledger is reporting that the homeowner found out the Camaro was inside the house while on the phone with a 911 dispatcher. It also indicated that the home has been hit by another vehicle earlier in 2023, but apparently with less disastrous consequences.

Police said Pauilcelli has been charged for operating under the influence of liquor, operating to endanger, and a marked lanes violation.

Images via Hanover Fire Department

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