Dodge Magnum Proves Tough To PIT

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For some the Dodge Magnum is a distant fever dream because their memory is always focused on the last couple years or so. But for a time, Dodge was making a muscle wagon that was actually pretty awesome. If only the platform had stuck around as the brand began churning out Hellcats, we might have had the Magnum Hellcat. Police might not have been fans of such a vehicle after we see how hard this Magnum is for an Arkansas trooper to PIT.

Watch a fleeing Hellcat hit some Stop Sticks at speed.

At around 198 inches long and weighing upwards of 4,300 lbs. depending on how it’s configured, the Magnum is big and heavy. That could be in part why the trooper struggles to PIT this one as the driver flees what would’ve otherwise been just a routine traffic stop.

Undoubtedly, the driver deserves so credit as well. While your average person on the road wouldn’t even know if a cop was getting ready to PIT them, and honestly also wouldn’t run from police, this guy knows when a PIT is coming.

He’s able to brake check the trooper to keep him from getting too close. The Magnum driver also knows how to get loose and use the wagon’s weight to his advantage as the trooper tries getting that back end to break free.

We’ve seen ASP in action plenty of times to know troopers are well-trained in PIT maneuvers and high-speed pursuits. But even with that training and probably a fair amount of real world experience, this trooper struggles to bring this chase to a halt.

Thankfully, the suspect decides to do the trooper’s job for him, blowing through a turn we’ve assuming because the big, long wagon can’t move like that at the speed it’s traveling. The suspect probably knows making a sudden sharp turn left or right gives a pursuing cop the opportunity to PIT or even T-bone their ride. But he still ends up wrecking out big and he’s not fast enough to run away on foot successfully.

Sadly, the end result also means there’s another crashed Magnum that might be sitting in an Arkansas scrap yard. Maybe someone should buy it and do a Hellcat swap.

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