Arkansas Trooper Takes Down Street Takeover Suspect

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Street takeovers are one of the dumbest trends to have plagued cities in the US in recent times. While police in some areas have their hands tied when it comes to taking action against those who participate in them, that isn’t the case for Arkansas State Police. This trooper just happened to find a takeover in progress after following two suspects who were speeding on the highway.

Felony charges have been filed against a street takeover organizer.

As soon as he shows up at the shut down intersection and turns on his lights, people start scattering. He can’t chase them all, so he focused on a Toyota Camry. Apparently, they use these types of vehicles at takeovers in Little Rock when they can’t steal a Hellcat.

One wouldn’t expect a Camry to be a great choice for ditching the cops, but this driver gives it his all. Despite being in a silver sedan, he blacks out and tries just slipping away into the darkness of the night while driving as reckless as the grocery getter will allow.

Admittedly, this works better than we would’ve thought, but the trooper stays on the fleeing suspect likes fleas on a dog. It’s just a matter of time before the Camry driver screws up as he swerves into oncoming traffic with no lights and pulls other risk maneuvers.

That time finally comes and the trooper shows no mercy, crashing into the Toyota with his push bar, probably to keep the suspect from trying to run again. Some people might think that’s an unnecessary move but we’ve seen plenty of people act like they’re stopping for police before taking off once the cop is out of his car.

At least the people of Little Rock, Arkansas can rest easy knowing one of the local street takeover “artists” has been arrested, although his mom’s Camry is going to need some bodywork done.

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