Street Takeover Participants Attack California Police

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Far too many people still believe street takeover events are just “harmless fun” and thus should be allowed to take place. But in California, the supposed birthplace of this ridiculous movement, we have yet another example of a takeover resulting in violence. We’re sure some will try blaming police for what these takeover participants did to them, but this shows what kinds of people get involved in these gatherings.

Watch a street takeover rollover that hospitalized five people.

To wrap up 2023, a group of people thought holding a raucous street takeover in Pittsburg, California was a great idea. But police showed up in the East Bay city and chased participants away, pursuing a car loaded with five people.

Eventually, that vehicle (which from debris evidently was a Honda) crashed into a cement wall after leading CHP on a high-speed chase. As officers got out of their vehicles to assist the injured people from that car, other vehicles from the street takeover pulled up and those people started assaulting police.

We’ve seen repeatedly how people who like street takeovers or “sideshows” also believe cops are always bad and wrong. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that people who believe taking over city streets, inconveniencing others and even putting fellow citizens in extreme danger, sometimes going so far as attacking them, would be such simpletons.

Attacking police like that usually won’t end well. In most jurisdictions that’s reason enough for an officer to draw his firearm and shoot, so these lovely individuals are lucky that’s probably not CHP’s policy. Somehow, officers were able to subdue at least some of the attackers, handcuffing them to get things under control again.

As for the people in the crashed car, all five of them were transported to the hospital. Hopefully none suffered further injury from the delayed rescue all thanks to their “friends.” The street takeover crowd sure seems to be full of rather dim individuals.

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