One Of Ten Made: 1967 Ferrari 275 GTS/4 NART Spyder Is Selling At Mecum Next Saturday

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The 1967 Ferrari 275 GTS/4 NART Spyder, chassis number 10749, is not just a car but a living piece of automotive history, set to dazzle at the Kissimmee 2024 auction. This iconic vehicle weaves together a rich tapestry of Italian engineering and American racing heritage, emblematic of the famed North American Racing Team (NART) and the visionary Ferrari dealer Luigi Chinetti.

Born from Chinetti’s desire to cater to American enthusiasts’ craving for a high-performance Ferrari Spyder, this NART Spyder is a testament to his foresight. Under its hood resides the original 3.3L/300 HP V-12 four-cam engine, a beacon of power and elegance.

Its journey as a rare automotive gem began when it was first delivered to Dr. Michael Serman of Rye, New York. Not only was it the most expensive Ferrari model in 1967, priced at $14,400, but it was also the last of the 10 NART Spyders imported to the U.S by Chinetti Motors. Its uniqueness is further highlighted by its original chassis, body, and engine.

The NART Spyder’s remarkable history includes a memorable parade lap with Sir Stirling Moss at a Can-Am Race at Bridgehampton. Over the years, it has graced various prestigious events, from Pebble Beach to Salon Privé in London, showcasing its impeccable restoration in its striking Argento paint with a Rosso interior.

The car’s provenance is as rich as its engineering, having been cherished by a range of owners, including celebrities and philanthropists. It underwent meticulous restoration to preserve its legacy and condition, ensuring its story continues to enchant car enthusiasts worldwide.

As it prepares to take center stage at Kissimmee 2024, this 1967 Ferrari 275 GTS/4 NART Spyder represents more than just a vehicle. It embodies the enduring legacy of Ferrari’s craftsmanship and Luigi Chinetti’s vision. For collectors and enthusiasts, this is an opportunity to own a piece of automotive history, a car that’s a testament to the elegance, power, and prestige of a bygone era.

Mecum Kissimmee is January 2-14 and is the largest auction of the year. With over 4,000 vehicles for sale, this is a can’t miss event. Visit to see all of the vehicles for sale, purchase tickets, and to consign your vehicle and register to bid.

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