Street Takeover Rollover Hospitalizes Five

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Five people were hospitalized when an SUV doing donuts backwards in a Colorado Springs parking lot takeover event rolled. Video shows those five individuals were hanging out the windows of the SUV.

Street takeover organizer is facing felony vandalism charges.

After the accident, which happened just after 10 pm on December 16, police arrested the driver of the SUV, 19-year-old Marisol Wentling. What these children, and they most definitely are acting like little children, don’t understand is how dangerous these stunts are.

Just leaning out of a vehicle can alter the way it handles. When you have five people doing that, it’s even worse. Plus, SUVs aren’t know for their stability in sudden maneuvers on pavement. Combine that with going fast in reverse and this donut trick was going to end in disaster.

Video footage of the accident shared on X shows the SUV whipping around in somewhat smokey donuts in the dark parking lot. Then it suddenly tips toward the passenger side and then all the way onto its roof, crushing the people hanging out the windows. All five suffered life-threatening injuries, reports KKTV.

Many of these takeover kids have marginal driving skills at best, yet they think they’re expert wheelmen. Perhaps in part this is a result of self-esteem parenting where every child is brilliant the first time they even attempt to do something. A reasonably experienced driver would understand this kind of stunt in any vehicle would be reckless, but is especially reckless in an SUV.

The whole street takeover or sideshow trend has been out of control for some time. But thanks to TikTok and other social media platforms, even more kids are getting in on it either out of boredom and/or in a quest to gain online clout.

But with more of the same, we’ve noticed takeover participants are engaging in riskier and riskier behavior as they chase that dragon of internet fame. That means the stunts are getting dumber and more dangerous, resulting in incidents like this or worse.

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