These Videos Show Why Street Takeovers Are Dumb And Dangerous

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Some adults are under the mistaken impression that street takeovers are like the old organized street takeovers of yesteryear. While those street races were illegal and stupid, the level of danger they presented as well as the level of stupidity that was on display paled in comparison to what you find at most street takeovers today. People get seriously hurt or are killed at street takeovers often, plus they’re magnets for other crimes like drug and human trafficking.

See another example of a truly wild street takeover here.

To help you understand just how dumb and dangerous street takeovers are, check out a sampling of videos featuring people getting hurt in horrific ways while at an event. There are plenty more where these come from, trust us.

Why do people hang out of the windows of these cars making sudden, sweeping movements? Surely this isn’t the first person who’s fallen out and been run over, either by the car they were hanging out of or another ripping donuts nearby. And yet geniuses at street takeovers keep doing this.

Here we have a prime example of why people who stand out in the middle of the intersection during a takeover to get better videos or photos are taking a huge risk. So many of the drivers think they’re super good at doing tricks when in fact they would struggle just with basic operation of an automobile. We wouldn’t put ourselves at risk getting anywhere near these morons.

If the cars don’t get you at a street takeover, the thugs who want to fight anyone who looks at them wrong will. Going to these illegal events is just asking for trouble, including getting beat up like this guy or even worse.

This is yet another example of someone trying to get front row seats to the action at a takeover. Instead, they get their spine realigned by the back fender of a Dodge Charger. For good measure, this person was then flung into the front end of a parked vehicle, which we suppose is better than another car that was doing donuts.

Shootings and street takeovers go together like peanut butter and jelly. You or your kid might think these gatherings are just harmless fun, but we guarantee a lot of people attending are packing and they probably don’t think much of other’s lives.

Think standing in the crowd at the edge of the takeover will keep you safe? Hardly. We see cars go wild and hit people all the time, sometimes even plowing into the vehicles parked at the peripheral of the event.

There’s no respect at these takeover events. People get their vehicles trashed for no reason at all or because of some “disrespect” toward some violent criminal in attendance. A lot of the cars used to do “tricks” at takeovers are stolen, so they get absolutely thrashed. These kids think ruining cars and even hurting people is funny.

This is the point of view of a teenager who was hit while filming at a takeover. He suffered broken bones and he’s lucky that was all.

People get really dumb ideas at street takeovers, like shooting fireworks at cars or pedestrians or lighting a fire in the middle of the intersection at this event in Austin. A truck that’s doing donuts drives through the fire, spraying whatever flammable material was in it all over several pedestrians nearby. Absolutely brilliant stuff.

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