Sacramento Street Takeover Turns Into Amazon Truck Looting

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These “sideshows” are far from harmless fun.

You might have had to reroute your path when some punks have taken over an intersection to do donuts and burnouts. While these street takeovers might seem like harmless fun to some people, they’re anything but that. One held recently in Sacramento shows how doing tricks in cars while people film can quickly turn into an explosively violent situation. If you think you’re safe just staying in your vehicle while waiting for the antics to end, think again.

Learn how one city shut down street takeovers before they ever started.

As reported by ABC10, the California Highway Patrol Air Division caught the whole scene on film. An Amazon semi-truck drives up to the intersection and that’s when people mob it, throwing objects at the cab and as the driver tries driving away, breaking into the trailer to help themselves to some free stuff. If your Amazon delivery in the area was delayed, this could be why.

CHP along with local police departments were able to arrest multiple people, but that only puts a small dent in these street takeover operations. Since they’ve been allowed to operate with few consequences in California and other parts of the country for years, these illegal gatherings are on the rise and participants act more emboldened.

Few people who either participate in or record these events get arrested. Out of the few who do, not many face hard legal consequences. We can go on just about any social media platform and immediately pull up all kinds of videos of street takeovers, filmed to glamorize breaking the law.

We’ve seen law enforcement use social media to ruthlessly go after participants of protests the powers that be haven’t liked. So why don’t they do the same thing with street takeovers? It seems obvious that the people running certain cities, counties, and states don’t really see them as a problem. The big question that needs to be asked is why?

Making some token arrests to save face with the public isn’t curbing the problem. People have been killed at sideshows. They’re often magnets for human trafficking, drug deals, and other crimes. Why are they allowed to continue like this?

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