Dodge Hellcat Involved In Fatal Crash Has Been Repeatedly Stolen

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Car theft isn’t some victimless crime.

A Dodge Challenger Hellcat that’s been stolen three times was recently involved in a fatal crash in Fort Worth, Texas, conjuring up all kinds of questions. People are wondering why the owner didn’t do more to prevent the muscle car’s theft, not realizing he had a kill switch installed yet thieves kept stealing it.

A Missouri cop has been found guilty in a fatal Dodge Hellcat crash.

When Fort Worth police spotted the Hellcat, which really sticks out, they gave chase. We don’t know what kind of hope officers had of catching the 707-horsepower Mopar muscle car considering they can smoke a police cruiser with ease, but they tried anyway. Unfortunately, during the pursuit a department vehicle collided with a crossover, killing the innocent driver.

For what it’s worth, the two suspects in the Hellcat also wrecked out and were caught, so at least they didn’t get away. CBS Texas says they might be facing murder charges along with plenty of others. We wouldn’t be surprised if prosecutors throw all they can at these guys.

Ace Weigart says he feels really calm about his Dodge Challenger Hellcat getting stolen because it’s happened repeatedly, so he knows what to do. If that sounds weird to you, congratulations, you either live in a low-crime area or have a vehicle thieves don’t want. The guy seems to have taken steps to prevent its theft and has accepted what’s out of his control. Other people who don’t know the value of this approach probably think he’s too laid back about everything.

But what about police and prosecutors in the area? What have they done to curb the car theft trend and send a message to would-be thieves? We’ve seen in many areas where property crimes like this run rampant, anyone caught is treated with kid gloves. The lie is that since stealing isn’t a violent offense, it doesn’t really victimize anyone. Obviously that’s not true.  

Like so many other cases, the grieving family is trying to lay this at the feet of police. They fail to understand that there’s more to the equation than just pursuit policies when it comes to crime spinning out of control. While we understand their anguish, if left unchecked, car theft often is used to finance other violent crimes, putting everyone at risk of a grisly death as US cities fall into ruin. Something has to be done to reverse this trend.

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