Dodge Challenger Thief Tried Swimming To Freedom

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We’re constantly amazed at the lengths car thieves will go to get away from the authorities when they’re caught in a stolen car. One of these alleged thieves found himself in a Dodge Challenger which reportedly wasn’t his but rather than just face the music, he ended up going for a swim in a creek in a desperate escape attempt.

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Pennsylvania State Police spotted the Mopar muscle car allegedly speeding, so a trooper initiated a routine traffic stop. Rather than pull over and let it be revealed the vehicle was boosted, Lamarr Taylor decided to make a run for it.

Since this happened in Pennsylvania, troopers called off the pursuit once they saw the Dodge driver was willing to drive recklessly, which absolutely won’t actually encourage criminals to drive recklessly if they want to get away from police.

Even though troopers weren’t chasing him anymore, Taylor kept speeding down the highway and ended up wrecking into three other vehicles. In other words, not pursuing the guy in the muscle car didn’t keep him from driving like a bat out of hell and crashing, so the chase policy is obviously one hundred percent effective.

By the time troopers caught up, since they terminated the pursuit before, Taylor was nowhere at the scene of the crash. Instead, he got the bright idea to enter the nearby Darby Creek and try swimming to safety. The guy really didn’t want to go to jail.

After troopers couldn’t find him in the area, they suspected Taylor had tried swimming down the creek so they called in assistance from a local fire company, which brought boats. Sure enough, they found Taylor clinging to the I-95 overpass and thought he appeared to be drowning. One would think if you’re going to jump into a creek to get away from police you would be at least a decent swimmer. But car thieves aren’t usually known for their logical reasoning skills.

Also, the creek water was quite cold, which might have made swimming in it for very long difficult. Taylor was taken to the hospital and treated for possible hypothermia. Sadly, we suspect he’ll be out on bail and likely involved in more car thefts. It’s almost like most of these guys just learn nothing from their mistakes.

Source and image: Delco Times

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