Father And Son Lead Georgia Police On High-Speed Chase

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Georgia State Police had to PIT out a father and son who were fleeing at speeds upwards of 150 mph as they desperate tried ditching law enforcement. We think they were in some sort of Dodge, maybe a Charger but it could’ve been a Challenger, that was absolutely mangled beyond recognition after it hit a highway barrier at about 100 mph.

Watch a police chief pit a fleeing Dodge Challenger all by himself here.

The whole chase started as a regular traffic stop, like so many do, reports Fox 5 Atlanta. Coweta County deputies tried pulling him over, we’re assuming for a simple moving violation, but the driver, Derrius Davis, apparently already had at least one warrant and wasn’t going to give himself up easily.

The 39-year-old pushed his car to breakneck speeds on I-85 while his 21-year-old son, Monderrius Davis, sat shotgun. It’s really great to see fathers and sons bonding, but we prefer it happen while doing legal things.

After the chase left the interstate and returned, deputies had closed the highway to traffic, allowing troopers to PIT the fleeing car hard without worries of any innocent bystanders being hurt. Bodycam footage shared by Fox 5 shows Monderrius Davis crawling from the smoking wreckage and laying on the ground as troopers shout commands.

A few moments later, the father crawls out as well. Maybe they’ll get to share a jail cell?

According to the report, not only was the father running thanks to his being a wanted man, the two had quite the array of marijuana, enough to pick up a charge for possession with intent to distribute. There was also a firearm in the car and the son was found with some THC oil, which in Georgia is illegal. They racked up quite a few charges, plus the dad’s car is toast.

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