Oklahoma Man Steals Camaro During Test Drive

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Stealing cars during test drives isn’t a new trick, which is partly why dealerships will get a copy of your driver’s license before handing over the keys. That doesn’t keep some people from just never returning the vehicle, which is what a man in Oklahoma is accused of doing with a 2018 Chevy Camaro. Eventually, he was involved in a police chase.

Fired rental car agency employee goes on violent rampage.

Perhaps the suspect handed over a fake ID, that part isn’t spelled out in a local news report from KFOR. It wouldn’t surprise us to learn the guy provided his real driver’s license yet still thought he could get away with stealing the Camaro.

The dealership of course reported the theft to police who spotted the American muscle car not too much later. When the suspect wouldn’t pull over, officers attempted a high-risk stop. During that the alleged thief reversed the Camaro, ramming a police car before driving off again.

Using force against police is a good way to find out what the department authorizes them to do in response. In this case, the response was a good PIT, spinning the Chevy so it was pointing in the opposite direction. That was enough to knock some sense into the suspect.

Of course, the Camaro was damaged in the process, so the dealership gets to figure out if its insurance will cover that. Things could’ve been far worse. After all, the suspect could’ve completely disappeared with the vehicle, stripped it of its most valuable parts, or just driven it into a lake.

What should also be a crime are the wheels on the Camaro. They don’t match the look and feel of the muscle car at all, but we’re not sure on what vehicle they would actually look good. At least they probably helped police spot the stolen car quickly because they stand out and not in a good way.

Image via KFOR

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