Ford Mustang Hits California House

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Poor Mustang enthusiasts have to endure all kinds of unfair stereotypes about their beloved pony cars being naturally attracted to crowds of people. Add to that list the stereotype of Mustangs hitting houses after one was caught on camera careening out of control and smashing into a house in Grand Terrace, California recently.

Mustang almost eats it showing off for McLaren. Watch it here.

We’ve covered other cars, including Camaros, hitting houses in the past, but this video is pretty wild. Shared by OnScene TV, we’ve included it for your viewing enjoyment. In it you see the Mustang blow through a stop sign at a T-intersection, launch into the air after hitting the curb, then like a wrecking ball stop after it sinks into the front of the house.

According to KTLA, this accident happened back on the evening of September 28 but thankfully the driver wasn’t seriously hurt. Also, nobody inside the house was injured, although it looks like the structure took quite the hit.

The cause of the crash hasn’t been revealed as police have been investigating it. From the footage, it looks like the Mustang was already speeding a little before it just blew through the stop sign. A few possible factors could explain this incident.

One is the driver panicked and confused the accelerator for the brake pedal. That sounds ridiculous because your muscle memory is probably good in that area, but it happens. It’s also possible the driver hit the accelerator while pushing on the brakes at the same time. After all, the brake lights are illuminated as the car blasts through the stop sign.

It’s also possible the brakes failed. That would explain why the brake lights were on yet the Mustang continued forward.

Finally, there’s impairment. Cops usually check for that at the scene of an accident like this.

In the meantime, the Mustang jokes undoubtedly will continue.

Check out the video for yourself.

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