Ford Mustang Hits Motorcycle, Rider In Critical Condition

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Start seeing motorcycles?

While cruising around on two wheels can be liberating and incredibly fun, the biggest thing that keeps us off motorcycles on public roads these days is other drivers. Unfortunately, we know even driving a smaller car that’s low to the ground makes you virtually invisible to so many other drivers, but riding a motorcycle is even worse. That could have been a contributing factor to this serious accident between a motorcycle and Ford Mustang in Toledo, Ohio.

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As originally reported by WTOL11, the motorcycle rider was sent to the hospital in critical condition and it’s not difficult to see why. While the front end of the Mustang is pretty banged up, the bike also looks quite mangled. And when you’re on a motorcycle, there’s no safety cage around you, meaning the rider probably took a lot of the brunt of the impact.

Toledo police didn’t tell reporters about the status of the Mustang driver. We doubt that person was hurt, at least not badly considering the damage done to the car, but one never knows.

As you can see in the images of the accident scene, this collision took place in a residential intersection. Many times, car drivers just plain don’t see motorcycles as they’re making a turn or as a motorcycle is making a turn. This is why as a rider you have to practice aggressively defensive vigilance, always assuming people don’t see you.

Even if you are appropriately cautious while riding, you can still be hit by a careless driver. What’s worse is when motorcycle riders are zipping around, weaving through traffic, running stop signs, and in general putting themselves at risk by not being the least bit cautious.

We don’t know what happened in this situation, but this accident serves as a perfect reminder that while motorcyclists try to get those last few rides in before the weather turns, everyone needs to be careful.

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