Milwaukee Crash Leaves Three Cars Stacked Up Like Cordwood

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In one of the craziest crash aftermaths we’ve seen since yesterday, a Milwaukee car crash left three vehicles stacked on top of each other. We’d love to say it’s shocking such a thing happened in Milwaukee of all places, but with the city’s reckless driving problem it just all makes sense.

Milwaukee’s police chief got into an accident after leaving a press conference about driving safety.

Also not surprising is the fact the white Kia you see on the bottom of the stack was stolen. Police say they had been chasing the suspects but called off the pursuit before this accident happened near University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s campus.

Image via WISN

Image via WISN

Even though police were no longer chasing them, the kids in the stolen Kia kept speeding, blowing through a stop sign and hitting another car at the crossroads. That sent the Kia barreling into the back end of a parked car, which hit another parked vehicle, and they all stacked up under the force of the impact.

Somehow, nobody was seriously injured in the chain reaction accident.

Video footage shows the teens, who are dressed in typical Kia Boyz fashion, piled out of the wrecked Kia and run away from the scene on foot. Afterward, the cars caught on fire, making for quite the dramatic scene.

Police say the suspects had been spotted trying to steal a car from a nearby university parking lot earlier. While they might have been interrupted from taking that vehicle, they obviously boosted a Kia, probably using that little trick TikTok thinks is just fine to spread everywhere.

This yet again proves that kids stealing Kias, Hyundais, or whatever other cars to joyride, etc. isn’t just harmless fun. We can’t believe we have to keep saying this but there are people who still believe it’s not a big deal.

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