Watch Cops In Unmarked Mustangs Bust Aggressive Drivers

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If you don’t have a distaste for aggressive drivers or think they aren’t that big of a problem, you just might be an aggressive driver yourself. That kind of behavior can get you busted by the cops in a hurry, if they catch you. But most aggressive drivers immediately drive nice when they see a marked police car, which is why Florid Highway Patrol has some unmarked Ford Mustangs to bust these violators.

You’ll think twice about tailgating someone after watching this.

Not everyone is a fan of unmarked police cars, including in the law enforcement community. Depending on where you live, they might not even be legal, with some departments using ghost graphics down the sides of certain vehicles to skirt such laws.

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One argument is that unmarked police cars seem unfair to members of the public. Some critics have even gone so far as to say when cops use these they’re “cheating.” It’s almost like getting busted for aggressive driving or other road violations is a game to these people and they want police to stick out like a sore thumb so they don’t lose.

That’s the big advantage of these cars, as one of the troopers notes in the video. Since they don’t look like cops, they get to see how people are really driving. How many times have you been cut off or almost run off the road by some jerk driving like a maniac and wished a cop would bust them?

Critics also argue that unmarked police cars can seem like police impersonators, thus fueling that problem. This seems like a bit of a stretch since they’re implying that cops rolling around in unmarked vehicles encourage police impersonators, but we also see what they’re saying even though we don’t think it does.

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Personally, we’re more concerned about how the one trooper grips his steering wheel while chasing down suspects at high speeds. However, there will be critics of this policing tactic, especially those who have been busted by these unmarked Ford Mustangs or fear they will be one day.

What do you think of these unmarked police cars?

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