Dashcam Footage Shows Wild High-Speed Amazon Truck Chase

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An Amazon delivery truck, reportedly stolen by Jose Carlos Blanquicett, led a state trooper on a high-speed chase on I-95 in Florida. The entire sequence was captured on dashcam footage and reported by NBC6, showcasing the truck’s desperate maneuvers to evade capture on one of the state’s busiest highways.

The pursuit began after Blanquicett allegedly stole the Amazon truck from a North Miami car dealership. The dashcam video from the pursuing state trooper’s car shows the stolen truck swerving through traffic, dangerously moving in and out of express lanes, and even using the highway’s shoulder in an attempt to escape. The situation was perilous, posing a significant risk to other drivers on the interstate.

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In a determined effort to stop the truck, the state trooper executed several Precision Immobilization Technique (P.I.T.) maneuvers. Despite the first two attempts failing, the trooper persisted. The chase continued with high intensity, as seen in the video where the Amazon truck spun out of the express lanes after the fourth P.I.T. attempt. The collision caused glass and debris to scatter, but remarkably, the truck regained control and the chase went on. Eventually, it ended when the trooper’s vehicle could no longer continue the pursuit.

After abandoning the truck, Blanquicett tried to flee on foot but ultimately surrendered to the authorities. During his court appearance, it was revealed that he faced multiple charges, including a cocaine charge and an alleged sexual assault attempt before the truck theft. Details of these additional charges are still being clarified.

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