Truck Thief Reverses Past Los Angeles Cops

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We’ve said it before and it bears repeating: Los Angeles is a weird place. The city has always boasted a unique flair, but lately it’s acting more and more like a GTA server than a real world location. In the latest example, Los Angeles police were chasing a grand theft auto suspect who was in a pickup truck. During that chase, the suspect reversed right past several cops, who just watched him and did nothing to stop the pursuit.

Watch a fleeing car theft suspect get pantsed.

The suspect led police on a chase starting in South Los Angeles and snaking through surface streets all the way to the downtown area. After briefly getting on the highway, he led police into an industrial area. While taking backroads past warehouses, the suspect turned onto a dead end.

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Several police cars were behind the suspect, who slowly and at times gingerly reversed right past them. None of the officers moved their patrol vehicles to stop the backwards progress of the pickup. Instead, they just watched the suspect very slowly get away, then turned around and kept following him. It’s like watching an adult play tag with children, obviously not trying to tag any of them so nobody’s feelings get hurt.

There are some great cops in Los Angeles and we know they put up with a lot of garbage, including all the residents who think all police are bad no matter what. We don’t want to knock those officers and understand this was likely a call made by LAPD brass. Still, it’s embarrassing to see a suspect just slip past them as police just watch, obviously making zero moves to stop him.

It’s actions or inactions like these which help send a message that cities like Los Angeles are wide open for committing all kinds of crimes with light consequences, sometimes no real consequences at all.

The cringiest part of this whole chase, though, were the news anchors who are just astounded someone can reverse their vehicle like that. American drivers have become supremely lazy and unskilled.

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