Man Intentionally Crashes His Ford Mustang

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Ford Mustang enthusiasts are sick of all the jokes about their cars being naturally attracted to pedestrians, etc. but a man in Upstate New York has ensured the jokes continue after he’s accused of intentionally crashing his 2008 Mustang into a telephone pole.

These drivers crash more than any other.

The crash, which took place in Manlius back on December 11, thankfully didn’t involve any pedestrians or other vehicles. Instead, it sounds like 20-year-old Dhulfiqar A. Waheeb simply steered his pony car off the road and right at the pole.

Police said Waheeb was driving at a high rate of speed when he hit the telephone pole, although they didn’t specify just how fast they believe the Mustang was going. It also wasn’t clear if they suspected a motive, only indicating the crash was intentional, not an accident.

The only other bit of contextual information police released about this strange intentionally crashing of a Ford Mustang was that Waheeb is out on bail pending an upcoming court date for a different criminal case. We don’t know the nature of that hearing or what he’s accused of doing, but that detail adds to the curious nature of this crash.

If someone is driving fast and recklessly, their muscle car’s back end gets loose, then they spin out off the road and hit a telephone pole, we’d call that an accident, not an intentional crash. So we’re thinking the police don’t believe that’s what happened.

Yet if we were going to intentionally crash our car into a pole, which we wouldn’t do, we’re pretty sure we’d just hit it nose-first. While we don’t get a 360-degree view of the crash damage, it looks like the majority is on the back end of the Mustang, like it spun out. So this case is very curious and there has to be a reason why police believe the crash was intentional.

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