Mustang Tries Showing Off For McLaren, Almost Eats It

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Well, that wasn’t impressive in the least.

Sometimes, guys who own a high-powered performance vehicle start to get a little too big in their britches. They start thinking they have the fastest, most impressive car on the road, so they decide to show off for a driver in a much more expensive ride. That seems to be the case in this video of a Mustang trying to gun it while driving alongside a McLaren. Only, instead of impressing the supercar owner, the guy in the Mustang almost eats it, becoming the topic of internet ridicule.

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Yes, that’s right, we have yet again an example of a Mustang driver behaving badly. There’s really no shortage of these, sadly.

In this particular situation, the Mustang pulls up next to the McLaren on what appears to be a highway or whatever you want to call a higher-speed, multi-lane road with intermittent stoplights. It’s obviously somewhere warm because palm trees line the road, so perhaps Florida, South Carolina, or maybe California?

After mashing on the accelerator, the Mustang swerves left, getting dangerously close to the supercar, then right, and finally comes swerving back into frame having gained control once more. It’s a rather embarrassing ordeal.

Mustang owners are sick of all the stereotypes and memes that make fun of them and we get why. After all, it’s not just Mustangs that pull this kind of stuff. We’ve seen a lot of Camaros, Challengers, and Corvettes crash or almost crash trying to hot dog around. In Europe it’s often a BMW doing this sort of thing.

But for whatever reason, there are a lot of Mustangs involved in the tomfoolery. Maybe it’s the sheer numbers of the pony cars, since they haven’t been retired and brought back like the Camaro, or something else?

Whatever the origin of these Mustang jokes, the fact is videos like this seem to only reinforce the stereotype that it’s always a Mustang, even though it isn’t literally always one.

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