Minnesota Thieves Steal Porsche, Beat 13-Year-Old Boy

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Going light on crime has consequences.

“I got assaulted, and mommy’s car got stolen.” That was the text message a Minnetonka, Minnesota man received from his 13-year-old son after thieves swiped a Porsche Cayenne from the family’s driveway. It’s also the type of thing that’s every parent’s nightmare.

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The incident, which was recently featured in a WCCO News report, shines a light on what so many have been dealing with and will in the future face. Car thieves have become emboldened, brazen, and seem to not fear law enforcement. That’s bad news for everyday people just going about their business because they’re in the way of what the thieves want.

According to the report, the thieves struck when the mother was unloading groceries from the Porsche, which was parked in the driveway. Surveillance footage caught what happened, although the news report didn’t show the assault on the son.

As the mother tried chasing the thieves off, one climbed in the crossover and started driving away. The son got out his phone and dialed 911, so one of the accomplices attacked him in an attempt to take the phone.

Sadly, this isn’t the least bit shocking to us. We’ve covered many car theft stories, including ones involving thieves swiping cars with small children inside. Despite how some might portray them, car thieves are selfish and often quite violent.

What really puts the icing on the cake on this story was the father disclosing that when the thieves ditched the Cayenne in a nearby Walgreens parking lot, undercover officers who observed the whole thing apparently didn’t do anything to stop the thieves. Many cities’ police departments have been essentially castrated after the whole defund the police movement, making many cops think twice before doing a lot of things which could help legitimately crack down on crime.

The other frustration police face is prosecutors and judges who go extra light or just plain dismiss charges for car thieves. That’s helping fuel the brazen behavior as some stop stealing vehicles in the middle of the night and instead take them in violent, dangerous carjackings.

Left unchecked, the car theft problem will fuel even more crime since the stolen cars are often stolen to finance the drug trade, human smuggling, etc.

Meanwhile, it sounds like this Minnesota family is quite traumatized by the whole ordeal, especially the young son.

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