Suspect In Chrysler 300 Thinks He Can Spank An Arkansas Trooper

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Of all the law enforcement agencies we’d challenge to a race, Arkansas State Police would rank low on the list. After all, when you run from an attempted traffic stop, like this suspect in a black Chrysler 300 does, you’re essentially leading a cop in a race or a game of cat and mouse.

Chrysler thinks it can replace Tesla.

You get a clear shot at the beginning of the dashcam footage of the back of this Chrysler as the driver acts like he’s pulling up to a gas pump. The Mopar is wearing a temporary paper tag from Mississippi.

We aren’t familiar with the state’s temporary tags, but looking at examples on them this particular one looks a little interesting. But it’s apparently legit as the police report doesn’t say anything about a fictitious tag.

The driver clearly thinks he can spank the trooper in his challenge to a race. Maybe in Mississippi he would win against local law enforcement, but Arkansas State Police are famously well-trained, aggressive, and competent. He learns this soon enough.

Even though the suspect is a sloppy driver, he has some good moves during the pursuit. He gets loose when the trooper gets up next to him, taking away a good opportunity to PIT. The guy also makes a sudden turn, leaving the trooper to turn late and almost get hung up on a curb.

But the trooper is a better driver. Plus, there are others in the area and they start jumping into the chase. The suspect pulls another late turn, then blacks out. At least he’s in the right car to do that, although it’s not as effective in a city with plenty of lighting versus a rural road.

Ultimately, what burned this suspect was that he slowed briefly so one of his passengers could jump out. She reportedly was hurt and that allowed a trooper to catch up and ram the back of the Chrysler.

All this apparently was over the suspect being concerned the trooper would smell pot in his vehicle. He got hit with a felony fleeing charge, drug possession, and more. Not smart.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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