Did This Mitsubishi Eclipse Repo Go Too Far?

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A repo man or as they like to be called, a repossession agent, shared his efforts to track down a Mitsubishi Eclipse the debtor failed to pay on. This is the kind of work that’s dangerous and thankless, other than getting paid by the banks, but what this guy does to try getting the car that rightfully belongs to the creditor back has some people hopping mad.

Guy pulls gun on repo man and immediately regrets it.

When he arrives at the house where the Eclipse might be, he notes there’s a Subaru WRX and Mitsubishi Evo parked to either side of the garage door. His instinct is that the Eclipse is parked inside and the debtor is trying to have a quick way in and out to avoid having the car repossessed.

He notes tire marks in front of the closed garage door, heightening his suspicion that there is a running car sitting in there. Walking around to the side, he is able to peek through a window into the garage and sees what looks like the Eclipse he’s hunting.

Some people think he crossed a line looking through the garage window. He also peeks into the backyard through a chain link fence. Then he goes up to the Evo and peeks through the driver’s window, spotting a garage door opener in the car – that’s when people think he really crosses the line.

We can see why since thieves will try the same tactic of getting a garage door remote from a vehicle parked outside. It’s actually a bad idea to have remotes in anything not parked in the garage, especially overnight.

Eventually, the guy knocks on the front door and waits a while before a woman answers. She tries playing dumb and isn’t super cooperative, at first acting like she was going to go outside and open the garage, then saying the guy who “owns” the car was on his way.

As the repo agent is sitting in his truck waiting, someone hopped in the Eclipse and took off like a bat out of hell. After driving around and finding nothing, the repo man goes back to the house and just gets more runaround.

Some people, in particular those who have a car that belongs to the bank they failed to pay for, like to call repo agents “legal car thieves.” In a way they kind of are but also aren’t. When you see how this guy behaves in the video, does it sway your opinion at all?

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