Watch a Bizarre Old Truck Repo Go Sideways

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It’s unusual to see something as old as this 1976 Ford F-100 get repossessed, but that’s the situation this tow truck driver has recorded. The repo guy only has been told that the registered owner sold the old pickup and hasn’t received any payments for it. The situation is definitely odd to say the least, but then again we’ve seen some shockingly old rides are buy here pay here places, so maybe it’s something along those lines.

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When the repo man shows up, he finds the old truck parked alongside a covered carport, just like the customer said it would be. However, there’s a little wrinkle with a wood pallet leaning against the driver’s rear quarter panel, extending out beyond the rear bumper.

The tow truck driver tries pushing that pallet back and out of the way using the boom, but it only moves so far. That means he has to get out and move the obstacle by hand, giving the people who think they own the truck enough time to run out and raise hell.

A lady in a Super Mario shirt and pajama pants runs out and starts shouting about how her son supposedly has the title to the F-100. Then she melts down about how the other party in the transaction is trying to start some fight with them. This has got to be one of the worst parts of being a repo man, dealing with people trying to suck you into their drama.

For his part, the repo guy stays calm and explains he’s just doing his job, but this lady seems to think if she gets emotional enough he’ll just back off and go away. However, when the repo guy’s boss gets on the phone and explains that her son doesn’t in fact legally have title, she just stomps off. Interesting.

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