Florida Man Uses Stolen Truck To Wreck 9 Cars

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A man in St. Petersburg, Florida drove a stolen pickup truck down a street, wrecking into 9 cars and causing serious damage. Before police could respond to the scene, the man disappeared into the night, leaving investigators guessing about his motivation.

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The scene unfolded just before 6 am on December 10 with many residents in the St. Petersburg neighborhood waking up to the commotion, says WFLA. When they emerged from their houses, what they saw was a wicked path of destruction brought upon by an unnamed suspect.

Image via WFLA

You can see in the surveillance footage shown by WFLA that the driver-side front wheel had been sheared off by the repeated impacts. The axle spewed sparks as the suspect just kept going as if he were desperately trying to get away from someone.

Bizarrely, the man started banging on doors before ultimately disappearing. If we had to guess, this kind of behavior seemingly points towards drugs. Maybe he thought someone would let him hid in his house, as one resident suggested in the news report. We know, drug-fueled rampages never happen in Florida or anywhere else, so we’re really going out on a limb guessing that might be what’s behind this senseless rampage.

The other option is that it was personal. But we think someone would’ve recognized the guy had he been someone who got into it with the HOA or a bunch of neighbors. Still, it’s possible.

Police brought a K9 and tried catching the scent of the truck thief, but they ultimately couldn’t track the man down. Maybe the guy got a ride from a friend or stole another vehicle – we don’t know. But we do know that this created a huge mess.

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