Dodge Charger Leads Indiana Police On Multi-County Chase

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We hate to say it but the Dodge Charger has a bad reputation for a reason. Not only is the four-door Mopar favored by soccer moms and law enforcement agencies, it’s also one of the criminal element’s favorite rides. We see that negative association on display yet again with a guy using a Charger to evade police across two counties in southern Indiana.

Did this trooper pull over the wrong Dodge Charger? You decide.

One of the reasons criminals love Dodge Chargers is that the upper trims are pretty fast. From the photo of the Mopar in question, it looks like an SRT model. That could explain how he ditched the first group of police when they tried stopping him on I-65 in Jackson County.

Police had been contacted about the maroon Charger which had been reported stolen. But the driver was able to punch it and leave Indiana State Police and a Seymour officer in its dust.

But like a Mopar muscle car, the thing drank the dino juice quickly. Later it was spotted by an Indiana State Excise officer at a gas station. Noticing he had been spotted, the suspect had to tear off again without refueling.

Figuring out where the Dodge was headed, police from a few other agencies set up Stop Sticks to help bring the chase to a peaceful resolution. But the suspect instead hit one of the stopped police vehicles for a violent conclusion, sort of.

Not content to just give up, 20-year-old Nicholas Nature Lewis, who Indianapolis State Police say lives in Indianapolis, tried running away on foot. Apparently he didn’t get far before police ran him down. He should’ve been doing more calisthenics instead of just boosting cars for fun.

Now ISP says Lewis is facing a nice list of charges that include three felonies.

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