High-Speed Chase Ensues As Criminal Reverses Stolen Dodge Charger In Street Race

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An illegal drag racing incident on I-270 in Frederick County, Maryland, led to the arrest of 25-year-old Capitol Heights resident, Keith Andre Gorham. Gorham, now facing over a dozen charges, was caught red-handed racing a stolen Dodge Charger, initially taken from Highland Park, New Jersey.

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office sprang into action following reports of drag racing in the area of I-270 and I-70 late on Veteran’s Day. Their investigation rapidly zeroed in on a blue Dodge Charger Scat Pack, driven by Gorham, who had no intention of surrendering peacefully.

Portland street takeover ends with a shocking death.

Gorham’s audacious attempt to flee the scene involved reversing through traffic, which unfortunately resulted in a collision with another vehicle. His efforts to escape were thwarted, leading to his apprehension. What unfolded next was a discovery that turned this from a simple case of reckless driving into a full-blown vehicle theft investigation.

Upon closer inspection, inconsistencies in the vehicle identification numbers (VINs) on different parts of the Dodge Charger were observed, signaling that the car might be stolen. Gorham’s explanation further fueled suspicion. He claimed to have borrowed the vehicle from an acquaintance but failed to provide any credible details about the owner.

Further investigations revealed that the vehicle’s Tennessee tag was falsely registered to a non-existent person at a fabricated address. Diving deeper, police pieced together partial VINs discovered in various parts of the car, leading to the confirmation that the vehicle was indeed stolen from Highland Park, New Jersey, in October.

The vehicle’s registered owner confirmed the theft and valued the stolen Dodge Charger at approximately $42,000. Gorham, who initially faced 11 traffic charges, now faces additional charges including unlawful taking of a motor vehicle, theft between $25,000 and $100,000, and unauthorized removal of a motor vehicle.

Frederick County Sheriff Capt. Brian Woodward lauded the deputies for their swift actions, emphasizing how their efforts not only halted the reckless drag racing but also led to the recovery of a stolen vehicle.

As the case unfolds, Gorham has yet to obtain an attorney, and further legal proceedings are expected.

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