Detroit Cops Shoot Street Racer

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Street racing is a problem that goes all the way back to when the second car was made, or so they say. But it’s become such a safety issue in many cities that residents are clamoring for police to crack down hard. After a street racer was shot by police on Detroit’s east side recently, those calls in Motor City might grow even louder.

See the highly organized street racing events in Sweden here.

Everything went down at about 3 am on October 1 after someone called to report street racing in a neighborhood. Police didn’t shoot a driver for drag racing on public roads. Instead, Fox 2 Detroit says what triggered the shooting was the street racer hitting an officer with his car.

It sounds like the suspect might have aimed for the officer, possibly in an attempt to get away, but details on exactly what happened are limited. The report indicated both the officer who was hit and the suspect were taken to the hospital with no update on the condition of either.

People who live in that neighborhood told a Fox 2 reporter that drag racing is a big issue there and has been for some time. Footage from the report shows plenty of marks on the residential roads from burnouts and donuts, which we imagine are performed loudly as residents are trying to sleep.

A woman told the reporter she doesn’t intervene out of fear. We bet a lot of people feel the same way.

One of the reasons we hate street racing as well as street takeovers is they make this hobby look bad. Most car enthusiasts are law abiding taxpayers who just like cool cars. When something like this happens, too many normies start thinking every gearhead is a thug who just wants to race around on residential roads at all hours of the night. The fact is most of us are in bed trying to sleep at the same time, just like everyone else.

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