Guy Carjacks Woman, Bites Cop

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An Indiana man was arrested after going on a late-night crime spree that involved carjacking a woman, biting a cop, and biting a nurse. Sometimes it’s hard to fathom these people are walking among us, just itching for the chase to steal stuff and bite people.

This is one of the craziest police chases we’ve ever seen.

Douglas Caballero, 30, is accused of crashing a stolen car into another vehicle near a gas station in Fort Wayne late on the night of October 30. He then drove the crashed, stolen vehicle to the gas station and pulled a woman out of her car, stealing it.

The woman had resisted giving up the vehicle, so Caballero tried hitting her with it as he drove away. He missed, instead hitting an SUV before speeding off.

When an officer saw the reportedly stolen vehicle he gave chase, leading Caballero to lose control while taking a turn quickly, running off the road and hitting a pole.

Caballero jumped out the stolen vehicle and led police on a foot chase, although he was finally tackled to the ground. However, it took multiple officers to get him in handcuffs. During the process, Caballero bit one of the officer’s hands, causing him to bleed. That sucks because the officer will have to keep getting tested for diseases.

While in the emergency room at a hospital he bit a nurse’s finger without warning. Court documents indicate he broke skin, so she’ll also have to keep getting tested for diseases. What a guy.

It’s possible drugs were to blame at least in part for Caballero’s behavior. Local news station WANE points out that in court documents police indicate they found a small bag in the man’s pocket which tested positive for meth. This is what drugs do to people.

Police discovered Caballero is an “habitual traffic violator” and isn’t supposed to be driving at all. He’s facing a long list of charges now.

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