Watch Georgia Police Beat Down A Fleeing Mercedes

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Just because your car was designed to be driven on the Autobahn at high speeds doesn’t mean you’re justified in going 125 mph in a 55 mph zone. Yet that’s exactly what this driver of an older Mercedes is accused of doing, as if that were some sort of a good idea.

If a cop pulls you over, don’t do this.

He makes things worse by running away from Georgia State Patrol when they try pulling him over. Perhaps he thought his German-engineered sedan was superior to modern American sedans in every way. If that’s true, he got a real shock when a trooper down the road jumped into the chase, the pitted him brutally as he kept trying to go Autobahn speeds on an American highway.

Suddenly, all that German engineering and supple leather upholstery couldn’t save him. Sure, the driver is able to pirouette his way out of the first PIT maneuver like it was no big deal and even took the second one like a champ, but there’s no denying the Mercedes is pretty beat up at that point.

The Dodge Chargers easily keep up as the suspect tries slipping away again. The third PIT was even more primal that the first two. Yet the guy still went nose-to-nose with one of the Mopars as if he were top dog on the road. That’s when he found out why Chargers have been so popular with departments like GSP. Not only do they have a fair amount of guts, they’re heavy little porkers that can’t be pushed around by a German tank.

Yet even after that harsh lesson, this suspect still wants more of a beating as he powers through, tires smoking, fleeing once more. At this point troopers are ready to take off the gloves and show the pipsqueak who’s in charge.

Once the Mercedes is effectively pinned with no way to escape, troopers have to threaten to shoot the guy as he stubborn stays on his soft leather seat, refusing to exit the luxury sedan. They shatter the driver’s window, but the guy still doesn’t get that he’s defeated. A good tazing helps knock some sense into him, or maybe it was the pavement, giving us all a good object lesson on why you don’t resist arrest (or run from police).

To the surprise of nobody, this suspect not only thinks he’s a tough guy but also has a man bun. Maybe he’s learned that showing off the fine German engineering at 125 mph is something which should be done in Germany or perhaps the local racetrack.

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