BMW Driver Runs From Cops, Whines For His Mommy

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These are the kids speeding around your town in a BMW.

In the middle of May, a 19-year-old behind the wheel of a BMW was reportedly doing 87 mph in a 45 mph zone in Forsyth County, Georgia. Lucky for him, he blew right past a deputy going the opposite direction, who immediately turned on lights and sirens, giving chase.

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And the kid decided to really go for it once he saw a cop was on his tail. As you’ll see in the dashcam footage, the deputy has to push it to 140 mph to catch up with the BMW on the two-lane highway. While some people will automatically whine that law enforcement shouldn’t be driving that fast, they usually make zero mention about suspects doing the same thing, which is why the deputy is going at such a speed.

The inexperienced driver seemed to have no idea the deputy was setting up to PIT him, so the maneuver was performed flawlessly. So the kid turned what would’ve probably been a fairly hefty fine for speeding into Felony Fleeing, Speeding, Reckless Driving. Plus his Bimmer (or rather his parents’ car) got banged up.

We’ve all been driving at least near the speed limit late at night when some kid in a BMW blows past us like we’re standing still. If you’ve ever wondered what those Bimmer drivers are like, not to mention what kind of parents hand such a vehicle over to their child, we just might have the answer for you. This kid whined for the deputy to call his mommy, even though legally he’s an adult and should be responsible for his own poor decisions. Pathetic.

What’s more, this kid has a class D license, so he wasn’t supposed to be out driving so late. He was charged with that violation. And his passenger showed signs of being drunk, so deputies searched the car and found a liquor container, meaning he was charged for that and his passenger was charged for being underage in possession of alcohol.

These are the types of kids speeding around in BMWs where you live. What kind of a joy do you think the parents are?

Check out the dashcam video for yourself.

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