Hero Cop Pulls Baby Out Of Camaro During Traffic Stop

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Things get chaotic fast.

Being a cop has to be one of the most stressful jobs out there. And while we know there are some who handle the stress in unacceptable ways, it’s always great to see officers who think on their feet and act decisively when faced with a completely unexpected turn of events. That’s exactly what one officer faced in Warren, Michigan when he pulled over a Camaro for reckless driving.

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The officer said he clocked the erratic driver going well over the 45 mph speed limit on a stretch of road during rush hour on August 29. Most cops who have been on the job long enough probably have a list of likely scenarios running through their head once they pull a driver like this over. After all, it could easily be some kids who stole the Camaro, a drunk driver, someone with warrants, or even an ambush by a suspect wanting to kill a cop.

It turns out none of those were even close to the reality of the situation. Instead, officers found themselves facing a dire medical emergency as a baby wasn’t breathing and the mother was hysterical as the baby’s uncle was trying to rush them to the hospital.

Despite all the yelling and sheer stress of the situation, the officer didn’t lose his cool at all, calmly hoisting the seemingly lifeless boy out of the muscle car as the mother screams for the officer to not take her baby. Reassuring her that he’s not taking the child, the officer sees that the baby’s lips are blue and his pulse is weak.

What would you do in this situation? Nobody truly knows until they’re in it.

Thankfully, this officer acted decisively and correctly, placing the child over his one arm while patting his back, all while the uncle and mother in a panic almost stop him. However, the child threw up something that was stuck in his throat onto the officer’s arm. The cop saved the baby’s life.

We can only imagine the sheer panic the mother and uncle felt in the moment. Some would criticize them for acting irrationally, but we have a feeling some of the same people would behave similarly if their places were switched.

Most importantly, we’re grateful there are men and women like this officer serving communities all over. Their ability to stay calm and take correct action even as everything turns chaotic around them is admirable.

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