Suspects Hit School Bus While Fleeing Georgia State Patrol

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A chaotic scene unfolded in Atlanta, Georgia recently after a stolen Hyundai that was running from Georgia State Police ran a red light and slammed into a school bus. After the suspects got out of the car one started shooting at police, making for some tense moments with children nearby.

Watch police in Florida get in a big shootout with suspects after a long chase.

Thankfully all the kids and other bystanders in this incident were uninjured, but it easily could’ve ended much differently. This is a perfect example of how car theft leads to other crime in cities, including violent offenses.

A witness who wished to remain anonymous told Fox 5 Atlanta they heard about 10 shots exchanged between the stolen car suspects and Georgia State Patrol. Police say it was one of the suspects who fired on them.

However, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation later told Atlanta News First that GSP officers returned fire on the suspect who shot at them, wounding him, although that fact wasn’t discovered until later.

During the foot pursuit, that injured suspect tried breaking into two different homes so he could hide from police. So there you go, car thieves often carry guns and aren’t afraid to use them, including against cops, plus they’ll break into your house if they feel like it and probably will use their gun to subdue you if you happen to be home.

The point is far too many people think car theft is just a crime of inconvenience, that it’s something which just means you have to file an insurance claim, then buy a new vehicle. The reality is it’s helping add fuel to the fire when it comes to other crimes.

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