Arizona Teenager Crashes Stolen Hyundai Into A House

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When do the adult consequences come?

A 17-year-old suspect who was fleeing from Glendale police in Arizona crashed into a house, narrowly avoiding killing several people inside. The incident, which happened on June 27, illustrates why we’re trying to shine a light on the problem of car theft in this country because the consequences can be severe for innocent bystanders.

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According to reports, Glendale officers spotted the stolen car in a commercial parking lot and approached. The suspect saw the police and took off, eventually losing control of the Hyundai and crashing into the house.

Six adults and two kids were sitting in the living room where the Hyundai crashed into the house. A three-year-old girl was found under the front door of the house, which was under the car, according to what her mother told AZFamily. Somehow, that child only suffered a few scrapes and bruises. It’s a miracle nobody was seriously injured or killed, a fact we certainly hope this little teen criminal realizes.

With kids learning from TikTok videos how to easily steal certain Hyundais and Kias, combined with a lack of parental supervision, it’s no wonder car theft has exploded to levels many cities have never seen. But this trend has to do with more than just social media, even though many news outlets are trying to imply that’s the driving force. Car theft has been on the rise in many areas since 2019, with organized crime arming minors with sophisticated devices that allow them to easily steal luxury and performance vehicles.

It’s possible this kid was acting alone and isn’t part of a theft ring, but it’s also entirely possible he is the member of a crew. Either way, his actions show how car theft is negatively impacting communities as vehicle owners are left to replace their ride that doesn’t have total loss coverage, insurance companies are struggling with the theft uptick, innocent people have been hit or even killed by thieves in stolen vehicles, and the car market itself has felt the strain.

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