Genius Runs From Police In A Toyota RAV4

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This wouldn’t even be on our top thirty getaway cars list.

Not that we plan on ever running from the police, because we think it’s a dumb and pretty much pointless thing to do, but we do thought exercises on which cars would be best to use for such an activity. Already, it’s been proven a Dodge Hellcat is an excellent choice so long as you can stop and refuel thanks to a big lead on police. Other muscle cars, some trucks, and an array of other vehicles would make out list of top thirty getaway cars, but a Toyota RAV4 wouldn’t land on that list.

We also don’t recommend running from police in a Nissan Sentra.

Yet this genius in Arkansas decided to try running from a state trooper in one. Considering the reputation Arkansas State Police has at this point, one would think almost everyone would just pull over and take their medicine instead of trying to get away. That should be especially true if you’re driving a four-cylinder grandma crossover because that’s like bringing Beyond Meat to a Texas backyard barbecue.

The trooper first noticed the suspect going the opposite direction at a high rate of speed, clocking him at about 76 in a 60 mph zone. While that’s going to be a ticket, in that situation we would’ve just pulled over after the trooper flipped around and activated his lights.

Instead, this genius decides to use the whopping 176 horses at his disposal from the 2.5-liter four-banger engine to try dusting the trooper. Obviously, he knows everything about cars and running from the cops, like an Arkansas version of Jason Borne or something.

Not shockingly, this chase was over quick, ending in a PIT at over 100 mph that sent the little crossover rolling off the side of the highway. Not only did the RAV4 get all mashed up, the driver suffered a broken leg and ankle. Maybe next time he’ll pull over.
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