Liberty Walk R35 GT-R Plays In Long Beach

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Hartnett Media has a great track record of filming some cool rides in unique locations using excellent production values. This short spot showcasing a Liberty Walk Nissan R35 GT-R as it drives around Long Beach, California is no exception. Great music, excellent shots, and 4K all combine for an amazing good time.

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Right off the bat, you see this Nissan R35 GT-R shooting some pretty sick dual flamethrowers on the highway. We’re sure California Highway Patrol wouldn’t be amused to see such a thing, but we also don’t think anyone was harmed during filming. And maybe it was on a private road – we don’t know.

This R35 looks to wearing Liberty Walk’s Silhouette Works kit. While not cheap, retailing for more than a lot of new cars, it swaps out every body panel on the Nissan save the roof and doors, providing a dramatic transformation that includes a far more muscular wide body appearance.

A legendary aftermarket tuner, Liberty Walk has been providing the owners of some of the most iconic modern and even classic performance cars stand out from the crowd. Wataru Kato established the brand at the tender age of 26 back in 1996. In its early days, Liberty Walk was simply a used car dealership, but Kato followed his vision and grew the business into the powerhouse it is today.

As for the R35, after we didn’t get the R32, R33, or R34 in the US, a lot of people were pumped about Godzilla finally coming stateside. However, there have been critics who’ve said the car is too technologically advanced and is more akin to driving in a video game than something real. Those criticisms have seemingly disappeared over time, maybe because more performance cars have gone in the same direction. It looks like the R35 will in fact age well, although the R34 will reign supreme in many enthusiasts’ minds.

But this video is a great tribute to the R35 as it nears the end of its surprisingly long lifecycle.

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