Watch Tanabe Aluminum Wheels Being Made

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Japanese automotive parts manufacturer Tanabe is well-known for its wheels. While many will pay good money to put the iconic products on their beloved ride, we doubt many think much about how they’re made. Whether you’ve thought about that or not, we have a great video showing the manufacturing process.

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We know ASMR videos where people are cooking, cutting hair, or doing other activities are popular. While we admittedly haven’t watched many of those, we find watching the process of wheel manufacturing quite satisfying, just like how we love watching restoration timelapses. There’s something soothing about seeing precision craftsmanship unfold before your very eyes.

You might be used to seeing expansive manufacturing facilities where pretty much everything is automated. While humans are present, they’re mostly on scene to supervise the machines which are doing all the work. This isn’t the case with Tanabe.

The facility where these wheels are made is surprisingly small. People might be shocked to see how much of the manufacturing process involves humans using hand tools. While some machines are used, the wheels aren’t on some mile-long assembly line, with thousands rolling out of the factory every day.

Instead, these wheels are crafted, not churned out. Yes, that’s at least in part why they aren’t exactly cheap. You can go to a store in person or online and find wheels that cost considerably less, but they probably were manufactured on an assembly line with machines doing most of the work. And you’ll find the quality isn’t quite the same, although not everyone’s eye is so discerning that they can tell the difference.

Also revealed in this video is the care for quality assurance Tanabe applies. You can see a human wearing gloves checking over each detail of the wheels multiple times. We know in many manufacturing facilities that kind of work is rushed, even slopped through, but there’s obviously a considerable amount of pride in craftsmanship on display through this process.

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