Watch A Dodge Challenger Skunk An Arkansas Trooper

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The suspect kept the trooper chasing his own tail.

We’ve been overall pretty impressed with the pursuit skills put on display by Arkansas State Police in dashcam videos. While the department has no shortage of critics, a good chunk of whom we suspect are criminals or their enabling family members, most troopers know how to drive fast safely, be patient, and put an end to pursuits with true skill.

Watch an Arkansas trooper PIT a suspect into a utility pole.

Of course, there are those moments when we see ASP come up short. Sometimes it’s just that they’re dealing with a vehicle that’s incredibly fast or a driver who’s just a little too good at running from the cops. However, in this case the Dodge Challenger that’s pursued in the included video doesn’t seem all that hard to take down, yet the trooper keeps getting skunked.

While following the fleeing Mopar, the trooper skids past a turn the suspect makes even though the Challenger’s right blink was activated. Time and again we see these people who run from the cops yet at the same time still use their blinkers before every turn they take, as if that matters when they’re already committing a felony. Maybe the trooper thought the suspect was trying to fake him out, but the muscle car also slowed down, so that should’ve been a hint.

The suspect skunked the trooper again when he pulled into an empty lot and ditched the car, the trooper not realizing that and having to reverse to pull in there and check things out. Honestly, this is shocking considering the level of pursuit driving skills we’ve seen from ASP, so we’re not sure what was going on here. Is it the vehicle? The trooper? Just an off night? Let us know what you think.

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