Suspect In Crappy Car Slips Multiple PITs

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We don’t want to give out pointers on how to run from police because people really should just pull over instead of being an entitled, selfish fleer. That said, videos like the one included below show that just because you can’t afford anything more than a slow, crappy, four-cylinder econobox doesn’t mean you can’t run from police. Although it’s worth noting this person was ultimately caught, so just don’t run.

Semi-truck tries ending police chase, makes things worse.

Still, it’s impressive how this guy slips multiple PIT attempts made by Arkansas State Police, which definitely is no small accomplishment. Allegedly being drunk at the time might’ve had something to do with that.

After all, this suspect was going off-roading, which really just delayed the inevitable. He was never going to get away with all the police swarming the area, but he did make police work to finally bring his pursuit to a halt.

Instead of giving up when spun out by cops, this individual tried manifesting freedom. He didn’t actually achieve that, not because the universe didn’t serve it up but because he was trashing the chassis of his already fairly delicate car made for parading in a line of other vehicles during rush hour.

But perhaps for those few drunken moments he believed that the secret to success or at least running from ASP as crushing numbers of troopers descend on you had been unlocked.

Physics, like the rest of reality, is a brutal, unforgiving thing. You can’t just will your car to not break as you flog it like a mangy donkey. Pursuit-rated cars are made to be tougher and even they fail in these punishing conditions. But there are more police than there are of you.

The sheer determination of this driver to treat his crappy car as if it were a Jeep Wrangler is impressive and dumb. Eventuality his dream came apart in the crushing defeat of reality as his side curtain airbags deployed. Don’t run from the cops, kids.

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