Suspect Splits Pontiac In Half

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We’ve all been sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic and seen some guy go flying up one of the shoulders, skipping past the slow-moving line. You’ve probably wondered what kind of a jerk or moron does that kind of thing. Well, this dashcam video from Arkansas State Police helps answer that question.

See a police PIT that sends a suspect and cop both flying.

The suspect does the boneheaded move of driving on the shoulder right past a trooper, who of course stops him. Then the guy admits to smoking marijuana at a hotel before driving and says the Pontiac Grand Prix he’s driving belongs to “a friend.”

What’s more, the female passenger claims to not have ID and says she’s “a friend” as well. The guy says his companion wasn’t feeling well and so he was driving on the shoulder to get her to the hospital. All this added up is definitely suspicious, but the suspect stands behind the Pontiac and simply smokes a cigarette and talks to someone on his phone like everything is cool. 

After getting both suspects out of the car, the trooper starts conducting a search because he can smell marijuana strongly inside. He finds drug paraphernalia in the woman’s purse and retrieves a bag from the interior the woman seems very concerned about. She starts telling some story about her brother having a gun in the car and her sister possibly having something in there as well when things go south in a hurry.

Jumping into the driver’s seat, the woman takes off in a hurry, almost dragging the trooper. He’s able to pursue, but doesn’t have to do anything since the woman wrecked out, hitting a box truck and ripping the Pontiac in half. As you might imagine, she ended up in pretty bad shape. Also, to the shock of nobody, she had a warrant out of Illinois, which likely was why she tried getting away.

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