A 2023 C8 Corvette Z06 Would Be A Dream To Drive

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You could win one with our help.

There’s no denying a 2023 Corvette Z06 70th Anniversary Edition is a dream supercar for plenty of enthusiasts and even people who aren’t all that into cars. It’s a drop-dead gorgeous ride with impressive performance, plus pretty much every last one is spoken for at this point. But before you think one is out of reach, we’re teaming up with the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Association to give one away in a sweepstakes. And as a reader of The Auto Wire we’re offering you more entries for your charitable donation.

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That’s right, you could be parking a C8 Z06 70th Anniversary Edition, one of the hottest cars of the year, in your garage. Cruising around town or out on the open road with the LT6 V8 cranking out 670-horsepower, catapulting you from 0-60 mph in a mere 2.6 seconds would be an absolute blast. Plus, with the engine mounted mid-ship, along with carbon-ceramic Brembo brakes and other goodies, this American sports car handles like a dream. That alone is a great reason to enter the sweepstakes.

Also consider that all the 70th Anniversary Edition versions of the Z06 Corvette are instant modern classics. You’re not exactly going to see these cars everywhere thanks to limited production. They’re special machines and this one is a real looker with a menacing black exterior and two-tone interior, something the lucky winner will surely enjoy.

What’s really great about this sweepstakes is your donation helps support the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Association. If you’re not familiar with the organization, it hosts different automotive events and uses the proceeds to help with the treatment, support, and residential care for autistic and intellectually/developmentally disabled individuals. By entering the sweepstakes you’re supporting this charitable work.

Just for being a reader of The Auto Wire we’re giving you a chance for 40% more tickets for this special sweepstakes if you click this link. You can share the link with others if you like or just donate to enter for your chance to win one of the last 2023 Corvette Z06 70th Anniversary Edition cars.

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    Rick Braud

    I’ve had the privilege of owning a Corvette before, and would love to own that one.

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