Georgia Trooper Busts Street Takeover Dork

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This guy got exactly what he deserved.

We’re beyond sick of the street takeover crowd as they shut down intersections and do their little donuts and burnouts while acting like they’re car enthusiasts. They’re not gearheads, they’re criminals and should be treated accordingly. Unfortunately, in some cities like Atlanta they’ve been allowed to for the most part get away with their lawless behavior. But recently a Georgia State Patrol trooper took down one of these dorks with a glorious PIT, cuffing the little twerp on the hood of his Dodge Charger.

Another street takeover dork who kept a firetruck from responding to a call has been arrested.

The clip of the Ford F-150 driver fleeing from GSP as they descended on the street takeover gathering, which was held in broad daylight, has been shared all over the place. We’ll include it with this article in case you haven’t seen it, because it’s worth watching.

As cops come in with lights and sirens, the F-150 tries running for it, only there are pedestrians in the way. Those people likely only moments before were watching this guy do donuts, but the driver doesn’t care, plowing through them to save his own skin. This is typical behavior at street takeovers but normies who don’t follow this criminal movement are shocked to see it happen.

But the GSP trooper was on this guy like white on rice, ramming him from behind, then doing a well-executed PIT, pinning the truck on the driver’s side. Then the trooper got out of his cruiser and held the suspect at gunpoint before cuffing him on the hood of the cruiser.

Some people are amazed a cop in Atlanta would do this, but we’ve seen the handywork of GSP many times and this isn’t out of character for them. While Atlanta police might go soft on these types of criminals, troopers will put the smack down on them, especially after one of them goes bowling for pedestrians.

This also perfectly illustrates how incredibly dangerous street takeovers or sideshows as some call them are. Don’t let your kids attend them because they’re not harmless fun. Drug deals, human trafficking, shootings, and more are routine occurrences at these illegal events. We consider them an absolute farce of the car hobby and laugh at anyone who participates in them while saying they’re car enthusiasts. These punks absolutely thrash the cars used in the takeovers and many if not most are stolen. We can’t think of one redeeming quality of street takeovers.

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