Guy Pulls Gun On Repo Man, Immediately Regrets It

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Maybe pay your bills instead?

Having your car repossessed isn’t a fun situation, and while it usually can be avoided, sometimes people are in genuinely bad financial situations where it can’t be helped. Even if that’s the case, pulling a gun on the tow truck driver who’s just doing his job is far from a practical solution. One man learned this lesson the hard way when police responded to the situation, immediately arresting the guy.

Why would a car thief call the police to report himself?

The suspect, who was identified as “Henry,” tells police the tow truck driver was in fact stealing his car. We’ve heard other people refer to repo men as professional thieves, usually by individuals who believe paying their bills should be optional.

When the badgecam footage begins, we see police approaching Henry, guns drawn, as he stands by the tow truck. Henry, like far too many people, seems bad at following officers’ directions, and that spikes the tension. After refusing to get on his knees, Henry only complies when threatened with getting bit by the K9. The guy really knows how to get officers immediately on his side.

Henry deescalates things like a pro, telling officers to “relax” because he’s “cooperating” after they cuff him. Of course, he won’t tell them where the gun is stashed, but doesn’t matter, right? Later, an officer finds a .22 round in his pocket – oops!

We learn from a witness that Henry took the keys from the tow truck, then pulled a gun and threatened the repo man. That witness tried to talk Henry off the ledge, but to no avail. The tow truck driver’s story matched up nicely with the one witness said.

While the video talks about this being a vehicle repossession incident, later it sounds like the tow truck was called to remove a car that has expired tags. Whatever the reason for taking it, pulling a gun on the tow truck operator is a bad move.

Unfortunately for Henry, not only do police not buy his version of the story, they hit him with a nice list of charges: aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, armed burglary, resisting without violence, and improper exhibition of a fireman.

The lesson here is if the tow truck shows up to take your car, don’t try playing tough guy.

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    Caveat that many used car dealers do in fact abuse the repo system ie losing your 2nd to last payment.

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