Guy Shoots At Repo Man

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We understand why people can get emotional about their car being repossessed. The event can sometimes follow getting laid off, facing steep medical bills, or some other form of tragedy. But fighting with the repo man after he already has “your” ride in the air is senseless. In this video, a man tries that and when it doesn’t work, he decides to literally take his shot.

Watch the repossession of a 1976 Ford F-100 go sideways in a hurry.

The vehicle in question is a Chrysler 200. For most people that’s a pretty meh ride and something which could be easily replaced. But this guy applied some pretty vinyl graphics to it, so he obviously really loved the bank’s car he stopped paying to drive.

Instead of just facing the consequences of his actions, he does what so many other unreasonable individuals do and tries driving the Chrysler off the tow truck’s boom. What this genius doesn’t realize is the repo man already strapped the car to the boom, so he couldn’t just drive it off and continue not paying for the vehicle.

After giving it a try for a bit and failing to steal the car back from the person hired by the owner to get it, the guy defeatedly gets out and says something about the Chrysler being the repo man’s “problem now.” Then he climbs underneath the lifted car, inspects how it’s tied to the boom, and runs off like some little kid. It’s all just too bizarre.

The repo guy got the car repositioned and ready to really tow, then pulled out of the apartment complex where you picked it up. As he was driving away, you can see the same guy run up behind the truck, then hear a single gunshot ring out. This might be why a lot of repo guys hook up, drive away, then stop somewhere else to secure everything correctly.

After the guy took a shot at the tow truck, the repo man called police who came out and took a report. It doesn’t sound like they found the shooter, but with the identity of the man who wasn’t paying for the Chrysler 200 well documented, it shouldn’t be too hard to track him down eventually.

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