Acura Integra Stolen In Utah

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We understand probably better than most the sentimental value of a beloved car. While for some people a vehicle is just an appliance used to get somewhere, for others an old ride is full of memories. That was the case for a red 1995 Acura Integra a couple in Cottonwood Heights, Utah own. Then thieves stole it and they’re absolutely crushed.

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While we personally aren’t super in love with Integras, and we know some gearheads might mock loving such a vehicle, we get why these people are upset. Everyone can love different cars and it sounds like for these people, who seem like pretty decent folk, it’s all about the memories of trips, etc. they took in the Acura.

Image via KSL

These people told local station KSL they poured $18,000 into restoring the Integra and from photos and video it looked pretty nice. Unfortunately, some thieves thought so too. That’s the other thing about this is with theft so common these days, it’s almost like you’re not allowed to own anything the least bit nice. It’s just not right.

Unfortunately, the Acura was stolen overnight as it sat at a repair shop. That sort of thing has become so common. Why it wasn’t in a secure area isn’t apparent but sadly we’ve seen vehicles stolen that were left inside shops overnight, so that might not have helped.

A lot of street racers love Acura Integras for a variety of reasons, so there’s a demand for whole cars and parts with few or no questions asked. That’s a sad truth and why we don’t have any love for people who buy parts which have obviously been stripped off stolen vehicles.

This isn’t the first time this family has dealt with such a tragedy. Last year their Jeep was stolen and rolled during a high-speed police chase. Right now they’re probably wondering why they’re such popular targets for criminals.

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